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Enjoy our playroom with day spa facilities

Enjoy our playroom with private day spa facilities

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Private Day Spa Facilities

Spa, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Toys & More!

Enjoy our various playrooms with day spa facilities.

Discreet Location

Our purpose-built underground playground is an oasis near Kings Cross & is very private & discreet.

Hot Tub Massage

Relax in the 8 person hot tub with strong hydrotherapy jets, mood lighting & music. And a glass of wine!

Nude Remedial Massage

Unwind with a combination of remedial & deep tissue massage & feel your muscles unwind & relax.

Bubble Spa Massage

Experience a spa massage in the cozy steam spa with the luxury of foam bubbles caressing every part of your body.

Sensual & Erotic Massage

Enjoy nude body-to-body sensual oil massage & body slides.

Bodyscrubs & Vichy Showers

A great way to finish a session is with a full bodyscrub & Vichy shower in a spa capsule.

Infra-Red Sauna

The infra-red rays in the sauna penetrate your skin deeper than a traditional sauna & is a great way to sooth your muscles.

Naked Gym Sessions

Enjoy our fully equipped gym while you and your qualified trainer are in the nude!

Body Shaving & Clipping

Yes we provide body shaving & clipping including back, crack & sack.

Relax with a

Hot Tub Massage

Enjoy the strong feeling of the hydrotherapy jets on your back, legs and butt while your feet are being massaged, followed by a soothing all over full-body water massage.

Experience a

Nude Remedial Massage

Unwind with a combination of remedial & deep tissue massage & feel your muscles unwind & relax.

Get spoiled with a

Bubble Spa Massage

Enjoy the luxurious bubbles around you while you get a soapy spa massage in the steam spa.

Experience an intense orgasm

Tantric Penis Massage

Erotic penis massage focusing on giving you a sensational & intense full body orgasm.

Finish with a

Bodyscrub & Vichy Shower

Experience a fullbody scrub, facial and Vichy shower in the spa capsule.

Experience intense orgasms on the

Tantra Chair

Designed to enhance the advanced sexual positions of the Kama Sutra, The Tantra Sex Chair has a dual arc system that emulates the natural curvature of the human form designed to maximise your lovemaking experience. 

We provide

Sling Rides!

Try the sling as you lie on your back with the feeling of weightlessness, with your legs in the leather stirrips. It is very comfortable for penetration especially if you are new to anal.

A sling allows you to go faster for longer, in a variety of different positions that may not be achievable without it. The sensations felt, therefore, are completely unique and on an entirely new level from those you are used to. This makes your orgasm much more powerful. So, forget jumping off; this is sling you’ll want to jump on, in more ways than one 😉

The sling enables you to go stronger and longer than ever, without needing to change from your preferred position. Pull yourself closer, building momentum and achieving powerful thrusting ability. It’ll be full speed ahead, with minimal effort and nominal pressure on the back. Now all you need to do is relax and enjoy the ride!

Experiment with many new positions as the additional support also allows you to maintain them without becoming uncomfortable or tired. Without gravity weighing us down, it’s possible to find the ultimate sexual position, where the muscles can fully relax and you can hit every ‘sweet spot’ there is. So, come on; don’t leave us hanging!

Experience the super sensation of an intense orgasm!